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Old Age of Empire 1 saved game issue

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Pridružen/a: 28. 07. 2018.
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Lokacija: newyork

PostPostano: uto kol 07, 2018 11:35 am    Naslov: Old Age of Empire 1 saved game issue Citirajte i odgovorite


I know this is a really old game and all but I just picked it up a couple weeks ago for $5.00 and thought I would check it out. Anyway everything was working well for a while until just last night. I played a campaign for a while last night and saved the game since I hadn't finished it. Anyway when I tried to start it up today it goes to the "loading saved game" screen and then hangs. I minimize it and there is a popup window from AOE that says "SmartHeap Library" "out of memory. Please free some memory, then choose retry."
My question is what type of memory is it out of? I have 512mb pc3200 ddr Geil golden dragon memory, and currently without AOE running I'm only using 155mb of it. Is it video memory thats the issue? I wouldn't see why loading a saved game would have to deal with video memory when my other saved games work fine. Its just the one from last night giving me this issue. I can start new games up as well. Any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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