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Things to do for a hassle-free relocation

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Pridružen/a: 23. 11. 2018.
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Lokacija: India

PostPostano: pet stu 23, 2018 11:33 am    Naslov: Things to do for a hassle-free relocation Citirajte i odgovorite

There are few items which should be avoided for a hassle-free relocation. Few things are prohibited and few things are advised to do in some other ways for safe relocation. There are rules and regulations which every moving company should follow and as a responsible citizen, you must also abide by it otherwise, it might be a criminal act. Customers should follow them for their own safety as well.

So here are a few things to follow before you start shifting:-

Don?t carry perishable foods

Food items which are perishable should not be carried with your luggage as they might get spoiled and start stinking. Unsealed foods like pickles, jams and liquid items should also be avoided during transit.
Before moving, eat a little to avoid headaches and nausea. Ask for suggestions from Packers and Movers Behala Kolkata.

Don?t carry flammable items

Flammable items like deodorants and sprays should strictly be avoided to be carried with your luggage. Under extreme heat conditions, these may easily catch fire. Kerosene, Gas cylinders, gardening chemicals and fertilizers should also be avoided as these can easily leak out and catch fire just by engine spark. Few chemicals are poisonous also and might mix up with other materials too. That?s why they are prohibited.

Avoid rare items to be moved with heavy items

Rare items and the items which are quite close to you are irreplaceable once lost or damaged.
So you should avoid such precious items to be moved with heavy items. Moving fragile items which you?re emotionally attached to with heavy items is risky. You should carry such items with yourself. Hire best Packers and Movers Behala Kolkata to ensure damage free delivery of goods.

Don?t carry alcohol

Alcohols should totally be avoided with your luggage. In some Indian states like Bihar and Gujarat, alcohol is totally banned and moving to such a state with alcohol is a punishable act. So, it?s very important that your moving companies abide by such rules and regulations. Therefore it?s advisable to go with best Movers in Behala Kolkata as they comply with every rule and regulation of different states.

Avoid valuable items to be carried with everyday goods

Don?t shift your valuables like jewellery, cash and other precious items with other goods in vans and trucks. It is extremely risky to move them in trucks and vans as they might get stolen or be misplaces. Transport companies do also give clear instructions about this. It is better to deposit excess cash and jewellery with banks and take them out once you move to your new location.
Same is the case with important documents like property papers, insurance papers, financial documents, residential proof and various other ID cards. They should also be carried separately otherwise, it might cause a huge financial loss to you.

Important Medicines

Life-saving medicines should be carried in your purse and not with the luggage. You might need them in case of emergency and if you couldn?t find it at that time it might be injurious to your health and cause severe complications.

So now that you know what to do and what not it?s time for you to hire the best Movers in Behala Kolkata and enjoy a hassle-free shifting.
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